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Tis the Season…

For garage door repairs. If you haven’t had a technician out to check up on your garage door or gate in the last 6 months then you should most certainly have one out as soon as possible. It is important to have your door or gate looked at before the crazy winter sets in, and it is on its way. You want to make sure that the door or gate is in good working order to get you through to springs, because having to have repairs done in the middle of winter typically take longer and it means that you might have to leave your car outside, which just turns into a headache when you have to clean it off before you can leave.

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Having garage door problems? Call today for Long island Garage Door  (888) 326 – 7163


want my garage door to be less noisy!

Well tell it to be less noisy!  Wait, that rarely works.  Well, first you have to ask yourself, why is it being noisy?  There are three reasons for garage doors to make noise, and likewise, 3 fixes:

  1. The springs are squeaking excessively – This could mean they’re worn out, or could just need some maintenance; both of which kind of require a call to a qualified spring technician.
  2. The opener is loud! – Solution: upgrade your noisy chain drive garage door opener to a belt drive opener and learn about the greatness that is relatively quiet garage door openers.
  3. It sounds like someone’s banging around the dark – This means something is seriously wrong and it’s only a matter of time before you have a serious issue on your hands.  Call a qualified professional immediately!

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Having garage door problems? Call today for Long Island Garage Doors (888) 326 – 7163

Emergency Garage Door Service

Has your garage door just suddenly stopped working? Did your garage door start making odd sounds that you didn’t think much of but now it has completely broken down? If this is the case then you definitely want someone to come out and repair the door as soon as humanly possible. That is where we step in. A lot of garage door companies won’t be able to assist you when it is not regular business hours and will therefore have to schedule you in probably for a few days later. Luckily Long Island Garage Doors operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No matter what time of the day or night we will be there to fix your garage door. The best part is that we won’t ever charge you more for this service. We know it is important for you to have a working garage door and that is what we love to do; make garage door work right again!

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Having garage door problems? Call today for Garage Door Repair starting at $29! (888) 326 – 7163

I need more space in my garage!

A lot of people use their garage as a storage unit–  Not necessarily for their cars, but more so, for their boxes of stuff.  Not saying these people are hoarders, but they definitely have a lot of stuff.  When storing boxes and items in your garage, you’ll notice that you can only stack so high because otherwise, you will interfere with your garage door opener.




Jackshaft style garage door openers mount to the side of your garage (against the wall) to help maximize vertical clearance; you can do this whether it’s because you own a tall car, or because you want to build your box towers higher.  Either way, you have options!

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Having garage door problems? Call today for Long Island Garage Door (888) 326 – 7163

Outdated Garage Door?

Have you owned your home for more than 10 years? If so, when was the last time you replaced your garage door? If the door is still working great then you probably don’t see a reason to replace it. But, there have actually been a lot of safety features added by manufacturers of new garage doors. Not only are garage doors safer and more energy

efficient now but they are also much more modern looking.If you have a nice home, don’t you want your garage door to reflect that? The garage door is the first and main thing people see when they look at your home from the outside and if the garage door is old or outdated it will make the entire home look that way too. Call us today to find out how we can help get you a new safer garage door.

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Having garage door problems? Call today for Long Island Garage Door (888) 326 – 7163

“Do I need a rolling code remote?”

Hah!  Do you need one?  Of course you do!  Is the sky blue?  Does the Pope wear funny hats?  Do you care about your family and belongings?

That final one, of course, plays right into what you should be worried about when questioning the need for a rolling code remote.  Without one, your garage door, and everything that is past it is within grasp of burglars and other vicious creatures.

But, you can easily add a layer of security to your garage door with this remarkable technology, and then you don’t have to worry about these sorts of things.

Which will it be?

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Having garage door problems? Call today for Garage Door Repair starting at $29! (888) 326 – 7163

We do this because we care!

A lot of people may not have the most positive opinion of garage door repair companies (Obviously not customers of ours!), but we wanted to remind you of some of the things that we do simply because we care about you:

  • We offer same day garage door repairs at no additional charge to make sure you’re always taken care of.
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee because ultimately, you put dinner on our table, and we want to show how much we appreciate that by making sure you’re happy.
  • When possible, we offer lightning fast response times because we know your time is valuable.
  • We make important garage door recommendations based on what would be best for you, not us.

And so on.  We truly care about every customer that trusts Long Island Garage Doors to do the work!

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A spring just snapped– What now?

We’ve all been here before:  You go to open your garage door, and you hear a loud snap and suddenly, nothing’s happen.  Your opener may be revving and making funny noises, your garage could be jerking violently, but what do you do?

Don’t touch it.  Your garage door opener should stay safe while it figure out what is going on.  After everything has settled down, the best thing to do is to call a garage door spring professional to come out and assess what has happened, and to get started repairing it.  It’s important that the technician actually look over the whole garage door system to ensure there aren’t any underlying problems that could have caused this, otherwise, they may have to come back in a week when the new spring snaps.

Ultimately, we can’t stress enough that calling a qualified, professional garage door spring company is the best course of action!

What are our daily hours?

Believe it or not, we have hours of operation–  Yeah!  We may not have a fancy brick and mortar store with a super cool “Business Hours” sign, but we still have hours.

Do you have any guess what they are?  Well, here’s what a lot of garage door companies have for hours:  Whenever is most convenient for them.

Here’s ours:  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  And we’re not just joking about this–  A lot of companies say that they’re open all the time, but will only come out when it’s convenient for them.  Not us!  We can always, and will always come out when you need us, no matter when!

Benefits of a Screw Drive Opener

When most people are picking a garage door opener, they only think they have two options:  Belt drive, and chain drive;  and more often than not, they choose the chain drive because of the cost.

Did you know there are more options, though?

One of our favorites is the screw drive garage door opener.  This is a much heavier duty application, but we like it because it is so much more durable and reliable than the other openers–  It’s a little more costly, but in the long run, it will save you a lot of money in headaches because it is so much better!

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